Attract Prospective Faculty & Grad Students

The profiles on your campus website are often the best way for faculty and students to learn about your institution.

The activities and accomplishments of your faculty tell a great story about your institution's real-world importance and influence, making these profiles a powerful tool to help you recruit the best talent.

However, since this content is often driven by yet another database that your faculty and IT department have to constantly duplicate information into, it's often just too much of a pain to keep current, making it appear as though your faculty have been inactive. In fact, for many universities, faculty profiles are at least three to five years out of date.

Fig. 1: Faculty member's profile that hasn't been updated in 5 years.

Fig. 2: Profile of a faculty member that hasn't done squat for 5 years.

Notice the symbolic use of the 'mullet' to signify the passage of time.

Sharing outdated information misses a huge opportunity to show off your faculty's latest achievements.

Here's how it works

  1. Faculty members do NOTHING EXTRA to keep track of their teaching, research and service activities throughout the year, except use Activity Insight as normal.
  2. Your website profiles are directly connected to Activity Insight, ensuring they are always current.

Activity Insight already gathers all teaching, research and service information in one place, so the information is much more likely to be consistent, accurate and timely.

As a bonus, faculty members can opt-in the items they want to make available on their profile, eliminating privacy concerns.