Increase Grant Dollars

Looking for a competitive advantage?

The increasing pressure on college and university budgets means the competition for grant opportunities is greater than ever. Unfortunately that doesn't make the grants process any easier. Searching for faculty with specific expertise can be tedious and challenging, especially when facing firm deadlines.

Feeling the pressure?

Activity Insight gives your institution a competitive advantage when applying for grants by placing the information you need at your fingertips—providing you up-to-date teaching, research and service activities to relieve the pressure of finding and identifying supporting faculty and staff.

Plus, Activity Insight opens a world of possibilities:

Search, identify and connect with faculty who complement your grant submission efforts.
Use Activity Insight reports and searches to draw interest and support from related industry groups.

There is no shortage of ways that you can use Activity Insight and its reports to enhance your grant proposals and give you a leg up on other educational institutions.

Here's how it works

Faculty members keep track of their teaching records, research, and service activities throughout the year, using our simple web-based system.

When your grants office needs to know who on your campus is doing work in a particular area, simply use Activity Insight to search for it.

Let's say you need to identify faculty who have done work with paddlefish. You simply type "paddlefish" and instantly get results.

No more missed deadlines and no more emailing or calling people across campus to see if they know anyone who does X, Y or Z. Now you can use Activity Insight and give your campus a clear advantage with grants.