Simplify Personnel Reviews

Streamline Internal Processes

Personnel Reviews Have Never Been Easier

Evaluating your faculty's performance annually or reviewing information for reappointment or tenure is currently a cumbersome task. During annual review time, thick stacks of binders and paperwork accumulate on campus leaders' desks and are often shuttled around campus—it’s inconvenient for reviewers and a challenge for administration to track materials and keep the process on schedule. Adding to the inefficiency, the information requested at this time of year is typically information that has already been provided by faculty for other reporting purposes and will probably be requested again in the future.

These processes place an undue burden on your faculty, staff and administration.

Activity Insight changes all that. Your faculty activity data is all in one place, ready to pull into custom reports tailored to your unique reporting needs.

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Service Activities

Activity Insight reports are available electronically for your reviewers—no more binders! They can also be incorporated into our new Workflow Module for use in a digitized review process.

Faculty can record their accomplishments in Activity Insight throughout the year, so when it comes time for faculty to submit personnel review reports, the hardest part of the task is already done.

What's best is that Activity Insight gives you review documents that are tailored specifically for each of your academic units.

We build your actual, unique-to-you report templates right into Activity Insight—at no extra cost. Best of all, those reports can move directly into our new Workflow Module for use in your digitized review process!

Your university has existing annual review templates? No problem. We’ll build them into Activity Insight!


Need your faculty to complete a specific form for P&T? No problem. We’ll build that too!

Here's how it works

  1. Faculty members keep track of their teaching, research and service activities as they perform them throughout the year.
  2. Easily attach supporting files such as grant funding award letters, full-texts of publications and more.
  3. Output the data in various predefined formats like that of your annual activity report or promotion and tenure dossier.
  4. Leverage our new Workflow Module to include those reports in digitized faculty review processes.

Using Activity Insight saves your faculty the hassle of trying to find and gather information repetitively. Activity Insight puts all your faculty data at your fingertips, any and every time you need it—and even better, makes it available to feed right into your faculty review processes, which you can manage from start to finish in the new Workflow Module! Learn how you can improve the faculty review experience with a digitized workflow >>