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It's no coincidence that 3 out of 5 of the leading U.S. universities use Activity Insight as their faculty activity reporting solution. Take it from your peers. We do faculty activity reporting. Better.

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Our clients share what life was like at universities just like yours before and after they implemented Activity Insight.

Streamlining Faculty Activity Reporting

The schools using Activity Insight now enjoy a much more streamlined process for collecting, aggregating and reporting on faculty activities.

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Faculty Activity Reporting Befitting a Research University

Activity Insight helps TTU administrators easily demonstrate why the school continues to deserve its status as a national research institution.

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A Complete Data Management and Reporting Platform

Prior to Activity Insight, faculty at the University of Texas at El Paso had to maintain three separate data systems. Today, they use only Activity Insight.

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Pittsburg State University

"I spent days putting together tables that can now be generated in minutes. Incredible time savings."

Paul Grimes, Ph.D.; Dean, Pittsburg State University

Texas Tech University

“[Our] colleges love that they can design their own reports... Digital Measures really stands out with its free customizations. Many software firms charge upwards of twenty thousand dollars to develop custom reports.”

Elaina Cantrell, Senior Administrator of Office of Planning and Assessment, Texas Tech University

Cornell University

“We were impressed with the solution’s ease of use and information access, as well as the ability to customize screens, fields and reports—including CVs—as needed.”

Sarah Albrecht, Management Information and Administrative Systems Manager, Cornell University

Louisiana State University

"Most people go in, wing it, and figure it out in 10 minutes. Once [our] initial faculty got exposed to Activity Insight, they told their colleagues how easy it was, and we quickly had everyone on board."

Kari Walters, Director of Instructional Technology, Louisiana State University

Valdosta State University

"It just makes sense from an efficiency and productivity standpoint."

Sanjay Gupta, Faculty Advisor and Professor, Valdosta State University

University of Mary Washington

“There’s always one group that objects either because of inertia or comfort with the old way. But when other faculty members rave about ease of use, the holdouts stop resisting. When you take a look at the hundreds of schools renewing their Activity Insight licenses, even during these challenging economic times for universities, you know the system delivers real value.”

Lynne Richardson, Dean, University of Mary Washington

Wright State University

"Digital Measures was the natural choice once an overwhelming number of peers described the company’s over-the-top customer focus and partnering mentality. … Before this information was available via Activity Insight, we had to aggregate data from numerous reports to create these special reports. One mistake meant having to recreate the entire document. But now, it’s just a matter of clicking boxes to create the desired report."

Dr. Michael Bernstein, Associate Dean, Wright State University

University of Baltimore

"I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to implement Activity Insight. I’m not technical, but I led the implementation and completed it with the help of one temporary employee and three graduate assistants."

Lisa Park, Assistant Dean, University of Baltimore

Pepperdine University

"The university usually doesn’t approve of us purchasing custom solutions. But customization of Activity Insight’s automated reports saved us hundreds of administrative hours during reporting crunch time. With our in-house solution, we were constantly asking faculty to input data for multiple initiatives, because the system wasn’t flexible enough to re-use one set of data for our range of reporting needs."

Linda Livingstone, Dean, Pepperdine University