Faculty Friendly

in which we discuss :

Activity Insight is designed to be as easy as possible for faculty to use. Individual faculty members only have two menu items:

If they pick Manage Your Activities, they can add new records of information, or edit, copy or delete existing records. Simple.

5 Ways to Get Data In Without Sitting at Your Computer All Day:

1. Load it from other sources

Information can be loaded into Activity Insight from other sources. You don't need to ask faculty members to enter information that you already have in other databases such as student information systems and grant management systems. Simply load it.

2. PasteBoard

The PasteBoard enables a faculty member to copy text from their CV or other electronic document, paste it into the PasteBoard, and then simply select text and drag it into the fields on the screen. This eliminates the need to flip between another electronic document and Activity Insight.

3. collaborators

When a faculty member enters an item, they can simply pick any collaborators from a drop-down list. When they do, the activity is automatically added for each of them, reducing additional busy work.

4. Manage Data

This utility enables a proxy—a graduate student or departmental assistant—to manage data on behalf of faculty members, cutting down on the amount of work that faculty must do.

5. Easy entry

When actual data entry is needed, faculty members only have to tab through and drop their information into the clearly labeled fields in Activity Insight. It's so easy, even the most non-technical users will breeze through it.

Get Data Out With a Click:

Rapid Reports

The Rapid Reports utility allows faculty members to preview reports immediately so they don't need to lose their place by entering an item and then navigating away to run a full report.

Activity Insight becomes powerful when your faculty participate, but we also understand they have a lot expected of them already and are busy people. That's why we thought of them first and made Activity Insight easy and convenient.