Simplify Personnel Reviews

Multiply Efficiencies with

Streamline Reviews and Other Complex Processes

Activity Insight simplifies data collection and reporting—the new Workflow Module brings the same efficiency to faculty reviews and more. Your established processes, such as annual reviews and promotion and tenure, run predictably every time with the Workflow Module. Materials get into the right hands—and only the right hands—at the right time. Automated reminders ensure tasks are completed on schedule, and status updates allow faculty and administration to track progress, all in one secure system.

Key Benefits of Digitization


Role-specific insight for faculty and administration


Materials are safely stored in the Workflow Module


Correctly executed processes eliminate costly errors


Secure materials only available to selected parties

Discover the time savings for your university

Learn how to improve the faculty review process with a digitized workflow.

Here's How It Works

Digitize your proven university review processes.

  • Use intuitive drag-and-drop tools to build digitized processes that mirror your established review policies.
  • Designate process participants.
  • Set deadlines and automatic reminders to keep the process on track.
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Drive efficiency with digitized materials.

  • Workflow secures materials and tracks progress, reducing busywork for administrative staff.
  • Reviewers access digitized materials via secure login—no more waiting for binders.
  • Concurrent reviewing eases bottlenecks in the process.
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Mitigate risk with
a reliable and transparent process.

  • Digitization ensures that all reviews are handled correctly, based on your policies.
  • Workflow protects faculty materials from tampering, damage or loss.
  • Only designated participants gain access to review materials.
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Lighten the load for faculty, reviewers and administration.

  • Importing annual reports and CVs directly from Activity Insight reduces data entry for faculty.
  • Reviewers access digital materials at a time and place convenient to them.
  • Stakeholders gain role-specific insight into progress—no calling or emailing to check status.

Case Study

Learn how the University of Northern Colorado transformed faculty review processes with a faculty activity reporting solution that powers
digitized review workflows.

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